One thing you can be sure of is that

Plumb-Hers is a company that prides it's self on professionalism, reliability and integrity.



Plumb-Hers is an award winning plumbing service, having been recognised

for the high standard of service and work provided to residential and

commercial customers alike.  The provision of a service that best suits the

individual customer and ensuring that customers feel comfortable is of

paramount importance to us, especially as choosing a plumber is often

difficult, daunting and can make you feel vulnerable.


Exceptional service, sound communication, a sense of safety and the

application of a woman's touch are the guiding principles which we think will

turn your plumbing needs into a far more pleasurable experience, avoiding

the apprehension that can often overshadow such works.


Plumb-Hers provide a full range of general plumbing and repair services -

from installing the bathroom suite of your dreams, to fixing that leaking join

 that has been bothering you for ages!

In addition, we provide equipment and services to commercial customers,

ranging from maintenance for existing equipment to the provision and

installation of new services from water bottling solutions through to filtering



Every customer's individual needs are important to us at Plumb-Hers. Our

focus of providing quality service and products combined with honesty has

made us the first choice of many homes in the South East.  Remember, at

Plumb-Hers we use only the best materials and trades people, so if you need

a plumber you can trust, please call us!





We have a great selection of the best quality water filter systems for your home, giving you pure and healthy water. The systems we use are all tested and certified by leading bodies such as NSF or the Water Quality Association.


We offer a variety of Industry-Leading NSF Certified and Tested Water Softeners and Scale Treatment Systems at very competitive prices


We provide a range of very high quality systems for commercial premises; restaurants, bars, cafes, catering and banqueting sectors, offices, factories, schools, gyms, sports clubs and so on.

For more info please contact us


For more info please contact us

For more info please contact us



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