About us


Plumb-Hers provides a full range of domestic plumbing services to the home owner or landlord as well as commercial services to a variety of industries from hospitality through to fitness.


Whether you're  looking to refurbish your bathroom, improve your water quality, install a water bottling machine or even just repair those dripping taps, Plumb-Hers can help.


We strive to run a business that does what it says on the tin.  Friendly, reliable and efficient.


We hope that ours is a service that you will use in some form or other in the future and are open to your comments, whether they are good, bad or indifferent to ensure that you continue to do so.


Plumb-Hers is driven by a high quality of service in tune with sound customer satisfaction which can only be achieved through professionalism, reliability and integrity.


As with any service, declaration is one thing, but we hope that we are given the opportunity to prove it.


The Beginning

The chances are that you have already used a trade's person or two and if you have not quite had the experience you were anticipating, then there's a pretty fair chance that you already have some idea as to why I went into plumbing. If you're the fairer sex, you'll probably appreciate this move that little bit more.


Most of us have certain basic expectations when it comes to the provision of a 'service' but unfortunately these are not always met.  The consequence of which can vary anywhere from minor inconvenience to major financial loss, with frustration showing its ugly head in many cases.


The long and short of it is I'd had enough.  Having experienced the less than positive side myself and with the desire to return to a hands-on industry, I decided to combine my mechanical engineering skills as an aircraft technician with years of experience within several service industries.  Add to this the desire to do a good job, hey Presto, Plumb-Hers was born.









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