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What is Surestop?

The Surestop remote water switch consists of a valve which connects directly into the water supply downstream from your existing stop cock. This valve is connected to the remote switch / controller with two metres of flexible tubing. Once installed you simply press the rocker switch to turn the water supply on or off. The Surestop is operated purely by water pressure. It requires no electricity or batteries.


What Does This Actually Mean?

This basically means that you have a simple device, which can be installed in a readily accessible location and at the flick of a switch will isolate your incoming mains water supply. All of this without a worry as to whether or not you can access the stopcock, or even if you can, will it actually work?


The Benefits:

  • If you find the location or operation of your existing stop cock difficult, the Surestop eliminates this problem*

  • Isolation problems associated with non-functioning, partially ceased, or broken stopcocks are eliminated due to the non-metallic design and simple principle of operation

  •  Safe and easy to use for everyone

  • Enables the simple switching off of water in times of emergency; when you go on holiday or on winter nights when you may get a burst pipe

  • Can also be used to shut off hot water supplies

  • The new design means that whilst the switch can be installed in a hidden location, it will not look out of place wall mounted.

*Typically, the switch can be installed somewhere within the kitchen, either within a cupboard or on a wall at a point accessible to and known by all.

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